Гидропак Deuter Streamer Bladder

Deuter Streamer Bladder 2L


Deuter exclusively uses Source® reservoir systems. The Streamer reservoir is a unique co-extruded PE film that provides a truly taste-free reservoir. The glass-like inner surface is treated with an antimicrobial Grunge GuardTM compound that prevents bacterial growth.

• Taste-Free bladder: The special film with inner surface as smooth as glass, keeps water for days and even weeks without changing taste. No plastic taste. Due to the special molecular properties of the bladder, this system is very hygienic, easy to keep clean.
• Taste-Free tube: The special co-extruded tube has a glass smooth inner surface without any taste.
• Streamer Z-Valve: a high flow silicon bite valve (patent pending). Leak free, automatic shut-off, 90° angle.
• Dirt Shield: Shield to keep the water in and the dirt out whether you are in-transit or on trail.

CamelBak Cleaning Brush Kit

CamelBak Cleaning Brush Kit

Keeps Reservoir and Delivery tube clean
• Includes reservoir brush and tube brush